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Green Files Repository: Here you will find PowerPoint and other files presented by various agencies in hearings and committee work sessions. You can also access council reports and documents on Higher Ed issues now trending in the state Capitol. No need to print them out--save trees and be informed at the same time!

Council Reports

DO Weeks 1 and 2

DO Weeks 3 and 4

DO Weeks 5 and 6















Higher Ed Hearing & Work Session Presentations

week 1: institutional updates




HB 1437 Research Universities Faculty Regents  (original bill)




Employee Spouse/Dependent Tuition offset





REVISED CFR letter re: CWS and SNG

2016 One Page Mythbuster: OER



2015 Trending Issues

Comparing Washington State

Liberal Arts Graduates and Employment: Setting the Record Straight (brochure from AACU & NCHEMS report, January 2014)

Communication Studies Rise to Relevance

Spouse/Dependent tuition offsets

NLRB Decision on Faculty Unionization

Free Tuition in Chile

Updated Spring 2017